World first

Christian - Informed Anxiety Program for Kids

Clinically proven strategies

Our program utilises gold standard clinical strategies in the treatment of anxiety in children

For kids to do independently

or with an adult helper

Combines psychological science with biblical principles, the first of its kind, for kids!

The Bible teaches us anxiety management, long before psychology proved it's effectiveness.
‘Christian - informed’ is our phrase we use to describe that our program’s approach is informed by a Christian perspective and belief. It acknowledges that the Bible holds many experiences and answers to problems we encounter today, including Anxiety. It is Erinnah’s belief that God’s Word gives us tools and direction for overcoming Anxiety, and these tools and direction happen to be in line with what psychological science has proved to be effective treatment strategies. How amazing is it that God had a plan way before science figured it out. We can’t wait to share it all with you and your child so they can have confidence and hope in their faith as well as confidence in psychological science. It’s Erinnah’s hope that this combination is extremely empowering for your child. 


  • Cute cartoon characters tell the story
  • Educational and therapeutic sessions by a licenced therapist
  • Worksheets and private journal
  • Quizzes
  • Fun games 
  • your child receives award certificate 


Choose to access the program's online portal from any browser.

Move through each section in your own time.

Private sessions available

Optional add-on: video consults with a qualified Treehouse Therapist trained in our unique approach
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Priced less than the cost of a Therapy Session, your child can receive a whole program to treat anxiety. Typically you'd need to send your child to 5 or more sessions with a private therapist, costing approximately  $1000 (AUD) in total. Now, with our online program, your child can receive the whole treatment course, to do at their own pace, in their own home for less than the cost of one session. At checkout, it will be determined what taxes apply.  

Based in Australia, we are reaching global impact with our online programs

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