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Solving sleep for clients with Autism

Our new short course is the perfect professional development addition for allied health, health professionals and sleep consultants.
You have the passion and understanding needed to work with special needs and challenges, but you'd love to have more confidence in assessing and applying proven strategies that are effective with  Sleep problems in children with Autism
Help clients with Autism of all ages (including young children and teens) get on track with better sleep outcomes.

The program will introduce you to a professional model of practice to assist practitioners formulate assessments, take a holistic approach to care, promote parent and child collaboration and apply clinically proven interventions.
The focus of this program is on behavioural sleep concerns. The course will also help you identify the most common medical and physical sleep concerns for clients with autism and how to work with a multidisciplinary approach.

Participants will be able to;
Identify behavioural sleep problems typical in child and adolescence. Identify the difference between insomnia and dyssomnia.
Describe Autism and its impact on the person and their families.
Identify and describe specific sleep issues seen in Autism children and adolescence.
Conduct and complete comprehensive assessment and formulate hypothesis for presenting clients with sleep issues related to autism.
Determine and provide appropriate evidence-informed interventions.
Provide follow up care in the management of the client's sleep issue.
Delivered completely online, start anytime. Assessment: Online quizzes with unlimited attempts. Upon completion you will receive a certificate of completion and practitioner Badge to display on your website.
CPD Hours: 3 

How to join?
This course is coming soon and registrations for expressing your interest are open.  Please note this will be a live training session and active participation is a requirement to joining (no passive sit-ins permitted). Email info@erinnah.com to register interest.
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