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Sensitive Sleep Consultant Certification

This is where we begin our journey of unraveling the mystery of infant and child sleep! Learn how to grow and maintain the special bond between parent and child whilst mending broken sleep for the families you work with. 

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Train in professional sleep consulting utilising evidence-based methods and theories. Explore the science of sleep and gain an understanding of the psychological science behind interventions that work
Graduate from a highly respected training provider. ISSC set the global standard in working from a parent-child bond perspective, since 2015. We are also the only provider to coach students in the craft of tailoring approaches effectively
We provide you with your one-to-one mentor.Our mentors have been carefully selected as aligning with our vision, trained by us and holding formal qualifications in related fields such as nursing and child education

be part of a philosophy you can be proud of

Established in 2015, we have led the way in sensitive, respectful, scientific approaches, nurturing the bond between parent and child 

Your journey to becoming a certified sleep consultant starts with us

Our accredited registered program is recognized worldwide, evidence-based and research led. Comprising of coursework and supervision of practicum work, delivered by online learning. Suitable for working with infants and children aged 0-5 years.

Whether you want to specialize working with mindful parenting families or adopt a sensitive approach to working with ALL parenting styles, this is the course for you.

Explore the evidence based research and theories within the complex world of infant sleep. Typically, our Sensitive Sleep Consultant Program takes about 4-6 months to complete (part-time). It is self-paced, so you are able to complete sooner or later. Learning comprises of coursework, participation in role playing, reviewing case scenarios, be opened up to thought-provoking concepts, and access to peer and instructor support. ​Our sleep consultant certification program aims to prepare participants to work independently with families as a sleep consultant, or alongside their current role as a parent educator/ counsellor/ midwife/ doula/ lactation consultant/ child care worker etc. Suitable for beginners or professionals. 

"When I got certified through another sleep consultant course two years ago, I didn’t feel confident.  But  now, the Sensitive Sleep course made me confident that it is possible to explore different approaches, being flexible to parents and children’s needs and with a more psychological view and less mechanical way to analyze cases. The unpreparedness of many consultants related to gentle parenting movement (myself included before taking this course) may be the cause of parents not wanting to get the standard advice"    - Mariana Britto, program participant, Sleep Consultant, primary school Teacher specialising in child development (EUR)

​Enrollment open World Wide

Thoroughly expand your knowledge and confidence in working with families with sleep and settling issues, as we delve well-beyond the basics. If you're feeling like surely there must be more options than telling parents "this too shall pass" or "try controlled crying or camping out", then its time to come on this journey.  This program is for those looking to trully help and compassionately support clients using respectful approaches based on research-led practices and matters of the heart.  You can become confident on working with parents who want to continue to co-sleep, or support those who want to move to independent sleep.

​"I have been challenged and reminded through this program, that wanting what I want for a family doesn’t have any influence over the outcome. It’s not my place or my role. I want what they want from themselves. I have worked hard to refine my practice to ensure that it’s based on the each family’s context and centred on their beliefs." Kathryn Cassidy, program graduate, Mental Health Worker (AUS)​

Comprehensive 16-Modules offered with key topics including:

Science of Infant and Child SleepPsychology of sleep and behaviour intervention

What is 'Clean Sleeping' for childrenAttachment Theory and how to support better sleep 

Exploring the scientific evidence on protecting the parent-child bond, and different views on handling crying, with personal permission from well-known authors in the field of attachment and aware parenting (such as Dr James McKenna and Alether Solter).

Principles of Sleep Consulting the Sensitive way with research led practices

Bio-Psycho-Social approach (clinical term for holistic) including investigating impacts on sleep such as nutrition, digestion, feeding, weaning, tongue-tie, apnea, reflux, colic, ADHD, ASD, environment, family dynamics, mental health and wellbeing (parents, child).

Gain understanding of all sleep training methods with a focus on the psychological science behind why some fail and which ones succeed. You will be confident in tailoring any method into something that is truly respectful and considerate.

How to get results without traditional sleep training.

How to determine which approach is right for different families. Work-shopping difficult cases that doctors put in the 'too hard basket'.

How to develop a successful sleep plan.

Supporting co-sleeping families to sleep well without giving up their values.Working independently in your own consultancy.

And More. Email for a course brochure.

"I have really enjoyed being part of the Institute. Thank you for sharing your knowledge & teaching us how to become better sleep coaches in training then we would have been without you." - Diane Carter, program graduate, sleep consultant (AUS) 

Participants can join our peer support group during and after completing the course.   

Practical work involves working with eight practice clients; including the consultation and providing follow-through support to each client's case and providing a write up of the process/outcome).
There is flexibility in how you approach this task.​

" My practice clients commented on the amount of gimmicks and online programs they have bought in the middle of the night, pinning their hopes that each plan or comforter will fix it. The parents place a lot of blame on themselves for their perceived failure of being unable to teach their child to sleep. I fundamentally believe education is the key to success with having a child that sleeps well and it is my perception that the information I provided to the parents was constructive and provided them with validation and understanding. I believe I underestimated the knowledge I bought to sleep consulting from being a midwife"  Kate Ross, Midwife, program graduate (USA) 

Come on a journey of self-discovery and let yourself absorb a wealth of knowledge, encounter different perspectives, and be supported as you develop your sound professional stance on a sensitive approach to sleep training methodology.

​"There are many things that I learned about the biology of sleep, as well as appropriate techniques that I did not know before. I am very pleased with the amount of information this course covered, and how it has prepared me. I feel confident in my ability to work with various families."  - Samantha Graham, program graduate and Counsellor (USA) 

Pre-requisits: There are no formal pre-requisits. This course can be studied on its own or will also build upon a well rounded addition to your skillset if you have studied with a general sleep consulting organisation previously and/or currently have a background in any related field such as: psychological science, nursing, lactation consultant, counselling, GP, child care educator, mental health worker, volunteer childrens outreach program.

For beginners, the program is also a building block to begin your career.​

Assessment: Online Exam multiple choice multiple attempts. Practicum & Client Review Report due within nine - twelve months of beginning the program. Typically, students complete within six months studying on a part-time basis.​ 

"I wanted to complete the course to see what other sleep methods were available and adjust these to suit each families parenting style. I now have a variety of approaches I will use that are tailored for each child and take into consideration their needs, cues and capabilities" - Kellie Campbell, program graduate, Midwife (AUS)

World's respectful consultant training program: Sensitive Sleep Consultant Certification

"I have really enjoyed this course, because of the focus on a sensitive, respectful approach towards sleep consultation. Having been an attachment parent, and now a respectful parent, I can see how these approaches are not so different from one another. As they both have the childs' wellbeing at heart. I have also strengthened my faith in the consultation process itself, where the active listening and empathising can be 80% of the work towards finding a sleep solution. I really respect this course for focusing on this element and not just teaching a one size fits all approach to sleep". - Jake Wearing, Early Childhood Teacher (AUS)Sleep Consultant Certification Course

Supervision Support We offer a range of support including one-one. For a more intensive mentoring program, please see our Advanced program.

​"I have learnt more than I thought possible and now feel confident and well-equipped to sensitively help families get back on track. This wouldn't have been possible without a supportive and knowledgable coach, so many thanks to Kel"  - Kim Lucas, program graduate, early childhood educator (AUS)

​Our team is here to support you. Lessons are delivered online by our Founder & CEO Kel Whittaker who holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a Masters degree in Social Work. Kel lives on the Gold Coast of Australia.Our co-supervisor, Emily Duffell supports students during their studies via phone appointment. Emily is a superstar in the industry; she and her husband invented and patented a special clock for toddlers, to help parents train better sleepers. Emily has also authored a book titled Bedtime Battles: Get Your Child to Sleep Through the Night in 10 Simple Steps. Emily shares our values on sleep consulting and is a valuable resource to mentoring students, as she is very business savvy and compassionate. Emily lives in Victoria, Australia and enjoys Skyping across the globe to share stories with new students.Our co-supervisor Hannah Peterson supports our international students via phone/video. Hannah lives in Arizona USA and runs a large team of consultants in her own business. Our Student Engagement and IT support officer Graham juggles inquiries. Our growing group of graduates and fellow students are also a valuable and well appreciated source of support, knowledge and encouragement in private online group.

"The practice client interaction process was so beneficial to me and my confidence in knowing and applying the material that I have been studying this past year. It was wonderful seeing that my guidance actually made life changing differences for families. Having the opportunity to work with a wide variety of parents, with different backgrounds and goals, helped me to confirm that there is something very unique in being a Sensitive Sleep Consultant "​ - Kate Swanson, program participant (CAN)

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